Features of XDID

Key features

  • Callback for your website/app
  • Automatic handling of Google Analytics events
  • Simple and lightweight implemenation
  • Fraud detection
  • No dependencies
  • Works in Incognito/private mode
  • Most browsers supported
  • Easy setup via Google Tag Manager

Anonymous User Tracking in Google Analytics

One of the most important features of XDID is the ability to track users across devices in Google Analytics without worrying about ITP restrictions.

By using our id and free WordPress plugin you can track users across devices in just a few clicks.

Its easy to implement in all systems with just a few lines of code. Contact your developer and let them know.

Adding XDID to your website

If you are not using WordPress, then you can still use our XDID in your website.

Simply add our script to your page and we will do the rest. If you need to use the XDID in your own app, we will initiate a callback to you

If you have a network of medias you can use the xdid to serve ads across your whole platform

Fraud Detection

Use the XDID to detect Fraud attempts. Users are getting clever and registration from multiple devices, or while using Incognito / private mode

Its so simple to check if a user is allready signed up or made a purchase.

The XDID can be used in multiple ways.

Most browsers supported

XDID has been created to work in most browser environments including


Duck Duck Go