Features of XDID

Key features

  • Simple and lightweight implementation.
  • No dependencies.
  • Works in Incognito/private mode.
  • All major browsers supported.
  • 100 % Google Tag Manager enabled.
  • Much works “out-of-the-box”
  • REST API for developers
  • 120 days data retention

Enhanced Google Ads Audience

Get more precise data across user devices and browsers. Target the user and not the device.

Enhanced Google Remarketing

Make sure your ads are displayed to the correct user and any device.

Enhanced Facebook Audience

Get better results with Facebook audiences using their External ID feature.

User segmentation

Segment users in Google Analytics and see how their devices cross.

Email recommendations

Use XDID to create email recommendations based on users, actual desires.

Product recommendations

Use XDID to create product recommendations on your website across devices.

Remember users.

Remember users across browsers and devices. Make it easier for them.

Ecommerce Basket Restore

Restore user’s basket when they switch device or browser. Get the sale.

Welcome back users.

Welcome back users with discounts, messages, or any information you like.

Fraud detection

Avoid sending free gifts or giving away free signups to multiple emails from the same user.

REST API – Your choice

We give you the tools. You decide how to use them. possibilities are endless.

And much more

You decide how to use the XDID. API, Google Tag Manager, Web Hooks – you name it.

Note: We recommend that you only store non sensitive information as we have a certainty of 60-99%

Adding XDID to your website

Its very easy to install and setup XDID on your website.

Just use Google tag Manager and you will get out of the box features like.

  • Enhanced Google Ads Audience
  • Enhanced Google Remarketing
  • Enhanced Facebook Audience
  • Google Analytics Universal integration
  • Google Analytics G4 integration
  • Google Analytics User segmentation

Or you can use our vanilla JS option to get 100% flexibility

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