100% Cookieless Cross Site and Cross Device
100% Anonymized data
100% ITP 2.x Impact free as we dont use cookies at all
100% GDPR compliant

All data is stored with a 100% irreversible 1 way encryption


This is a Cookieless Cross Device Identification test page.
A unique Fingerprint has been generated and displayed in red.

This Fingerprint will follow you around, even when you switch browser on the same device or when you switch device in the same network or lots of other combinations.

Try this as a test

1. Record you Fingerprint
2. Open this URL in a different browser on the same Computer
3. Open this URL on your mobile phone on the same network
4. Turn off Wifi on your phone to activate 3G/4G and refresh the page
5. Try with other devices in your household (iPads, Gaming consoles, Weareables)

Now – Anytime you come back to this page you will (or should) see the same XDID Fingerprint
When I say should its because since I have no information about you like Facebook and Google has their loggedin users

I use a probability AI Matrix. This means that I can predict who you are with a certainty of about 60%-98%) The more fingerprints your leave, the more sure the AI can be.

Supported/tested browsers at this time are