Cross Device Tracking
made easy!

ITP safe Cookieless Cross Site and Cross Device tracking.
Get more precise date for

  • Enhanced Google Ads Audience
  • Enhanced Google Remarketing
  • Enhanced Facebook Audience
  • Google Analytics User segmentation
  • Email recommendations
  • Product recommendations
  • Remember user across devices and browsers.
  • Ecommerce Basket Restore and continue purchase.
  • Welcome back user on different devices.
  • Fraud detection – avoid sending free samples more than once.
  • and much much more.

Track users across any device

100% Cookieless Cross Site and Cross Device tracking
100% Anonymized data
100% ITP 2.x Impact free. No cookies
100% GDPR compliant ready

All data is stored with a 100% irreversible 1 way hash

Now its possible to tracks users without leaving a cookie on their device. You can even track them across their desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablets. Even their gaming console and much more.

What about Privacy and GDPR?

All of our data is stored with a 100% irreversible one-way hash. No body knows which data belong to who. Not even us.

About Cookie banners, using XDID is no different than using any other marketing tracking mechanism today under GDPR as an ID is generated, even though it’s not personal and 100% anonymized. GDPR states that any ID should be handled as a cookie.

Using Google Tag Manager it’s easy to implement and adhere to the Cookie law.

About sensitive personal information, there’s no problem as we dont store any, so just be sure to handle GDPR.

How does XDID Cross Tracking work?

Users leave fingerprint all over the internet. Using AI, we collect data and creates fingerprints based on numerous data points.

We then calculate vectors and create one big fingerprint for the user, so that you are able to, serve the correct information for that user.

We use probability AI. This means we have a certainty between 60-99% The more data we have the more certain the AI is.

Read more about the topic here

We help any size business to serve targeted ads and products

Network wide ads

Using our ID, you can serve ads to users on any device in your network. Welcome returning visitors.

Domain specific

Create ads or show last viewed products when users return to your site. Even from another device

Targeted email products

Send emails with targeted products after you bind the users email with our XDID.


A new vertical of data to make decisions from

I have always wanted Cross Device Tracking, but it has not been possible with my anonymous users. With XDID it is and now I have much more data to use when I decide which content to create


Brilliant for Fraud Detection

I have installed XDID and with the callback I can prevent fraud on my site when people signs up. I have already refused 7 signups where people tried to get new trials with different emails.

Managing Partner

Cross Device Tracking – Easy?

I was skeptical about they “made easy part” because nothing is easy about Cross Device Tracking when you do not have a system like Facebook or Googles logged in users. But it is. It took maybe 20 minutes to setup, including the user view in Google Analytics.

Marketing Manager

Enriched data equals better decisions

After installing the XDID in my WordPress site I am getting more accurate data to work with. Now I can make decisions based on actual data and not my hunch


Finally, Analytics data that I can use

After implementing XDID I have enriched Analytics data that shows the real-life usage of my site. I can now see which devices a single user has and the complete customer journey – even across their devices.


Have any questions? Feel free to reach out. We’ll be happy to help